We’re moving, people.

Many of you know that Jacob and I have been fervently praying about our possible move to Colorado. This has been a passion burning in our hearts for quite some time. I remember when we first started dating, we both expressed how we wanted to be travelers, see the world, and live in different places. For me, I have never lived outside of DFW. On the other hand, Jacob was born in Miami, Florida, moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, and finally to Bedford, Texas. Jake has always said, “the only good thing about Texas is you.” I would have to agree. No, but really, it’s the family. I love Texas because I have the people I love here. I mean what the heck are we supposed to do in Colorado? Is this just something that we both like, or is it something God is calling us to? Will this be a home of ours (I think we’ll have many)?

My entire life, I’ve cried out to God:

“I want to follow you wherever you go, and when you say go, I want to go, with faith!”

“I want to be known for my faith in You.”

“I want to live off Your every word and Your desires for me.

“I don’t want to put you in a box, God, I want to be bold and believe in a big God.”

So how come, when I’m praying these things over the past couple of years, I am surprised and scared when I start to feel peace about this move?

I think a lot of times, we say we don’t have God in a box, and that we trust Him, but then when he calls us out and speaks to us, we’re like, “Hey, I’m not sure if God would say that, or do this.” Well, there He goes, back in our box. You know, sometimes, I think it’s US we’ve put in our box instead of God, and He’s like, “Get out of your box, be who I’ve made you! Don’t be afraid, because where I’m sending you, yea, I’m there too!” Recently Jacob and I went to the Flood youth conference at Convergence, and Tommy Green, lead singer of Sleeping Giant and just an amazing person, spoke and it hit me to the core. He said,

“We’re all different, we all wanna be like Jesus, but sometimes I think we just don’t want to be ourselves.”

I mean, come on! God spoke to me early on in this, through a dream, and I forgot about it until just recently. In the dream, I was driving, and a person behind me (Holy Spirit) came up closer and said if you don’t like where you are, then go. Find what you like and do what you do. Although I was driving, he was telling me directions through feelings of where to turn and go next. Sometimes, it’s just that simple, do what you like, go where you want to go, Jesus is everywhere, and the Holy Spirit is there to be the Comforter and Teacher along the way! Once we get that revelation, I think we will all spend less time sitting and waiting, quite literally, where we are because we’re afraid it’s not what God wants us to do. I’m not saying you shouldn’t pray about it, but the anxiety that comes with that, I think, is unnecessary. I haven’t fully lived this out, but I know there is a place in your relationship with God, for Him to bring you complete trust and joy, where there is no questioning, you will just know. Does that make sense?

So, Jacob and I are moving! The plan is to move the second week of January, around the 8th. We will be here for the Holiday’s and then pack up and go. We are so excited, nervous, anxious, scared, and peaceful. I’m hoping this is a place where we can record our life adventures, at any stage, and for it to be encouraging or informing. Here’s our plans so far: we will be staying with some long-time friends of Jacob’s home in their roomy basement until we find a place of our own, we have peace about moving without a job, so we’ll be almost immediately looking/connecting when we get there, helping out our friends (The Ramsey’s) at their church, and following our hearts. It’s never easy to move somewhere without a plan, but we know God has one and we are faithfully trusting in that.

Also, feel free to text us at anytime before we leave and ask to hang out, because there is a long list of people that we would hate to not see before we leave! Visiting us in our super awesome cabin in the mountains that is currently nonexistent would also be acceptable. For real, come visit.

HEY! We would love to have a going away party for us, and all are welcome! Details aren’t set yet, but I’m sure a Facebook event will happen soon so we can tally up how much food and booze to purchase. Party!

Until the New Year, enjoy us while you can.



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