There is power in the tongue

“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love to talk will have to eat their own words.”

Proverbs 18:21

     In the beginning, there was nothing. God spoke and it was. God said, let man be made in my image, and we are. I truly believe that the same power that is in Christ Jesus, lives in me. I have no doubt that the power of life and death rest on my tongue. Something that I continually gain confirmation about, is this verse. I whole-heartedly am convinced it is true for us. Sunday, I saw right in front of me, what God can do: He breaks down walls, turns us right side up, and heals us in an instant with just words. It’s like when you speak out what the enemy is trying to do in your life, he loses all power, Jesus wipes it away, and gives you freedom and strength, in an instant. He is beauty and war.

That’s good news.



One thought on “There is power in the tongue

  1. Rachel! So exciting to read this and I KNOW you guys will love Colorado. You may not ever want to leave! 🙂 What a wonderful newlywed adventure. Please send me a FB message and let me know where you will be living – Denver?!!!!! Life with the two kiddos really keeps me on my toes and I have been so out of the loop on this, I apologize. But know you have family here who wants to see you and hang out with you!!! I will send you my number. We live about 30 minutes north of Denver, near the airport. Getting ready to move into a new house in February. Let me know what we can help with!! Woohoo! Love, your cousin Tracy 🙂

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