Jobless and homeless

That’s right, Jacob and I are both jobless and homeless.

Ok not completely. Let me explain.

We are living with my parents, so no, we’re not homeless, we just don’t have our own home. Jake had his last day at Apple a week or two ago, and now he is putting in some work with my dad at his Upholstery Workshop. My last day at Target was this past Thursday, and now I am just at home enjoying my sister time and trying not to spend any money. It was bittersweet leaving Target. It has been all I’ve known for 3 years; seeing the same guests and working with (mostly) the same people everyday. I’m leaving what I know, to meet all new people in an entirely new town! I will say, my last day was pretty fun, my sweet friends brought food — lots of food and a card. I printed and put up multiple pictures of myself in as many places as I could, I mean, that’s the least I could do.

My pharmacist thought these were punny because they are Kosher!

My pharmacist thought these were punny because they are Kosher!


Anything and everything from Central Market, because it’s the best!


Best gift ever.

So now I have no job! It’s weird how vulnerable I feel right now. We’re being stripped and pruned in this new season of everything we know and are walking into our uncharted future! We really have no choice but to trust God fully, and its scary, just going to be honest, it is. There’s nothing more a man/husband/father wants, than to provide for his family, and now those things have to be laid down, to see our Father do that for both of us. But, this is what we signed up for, and that’s why this blog was made: to record our life and to look back on real testimony of His goodness and our surrender. So, see ya, Target, you’ve been good to me (most of the time)!


Fast forward a couple of days, and I have all but one of my Christmas gifts wrapped, successfully ran once, eaten and made great food, watched multiple Christmas movies, cleaned our room, taken an average of 1.5 showers, painted my nails, celebrated friends, had an amazing margarita, worn the same outfit 2-3, okay 3 times, switched our Volvo for a Ford Escape, and ended up sleeping in our bed alone for the first time since we’ve been married. I know I’m really tempting you all to quit your jobs and move to another state with all this success, but please, don’t be rash.

Things I’m looking forward to:

CHRISTMAS EVE shenanigans/games/embarrassments/hot cocoa/fires/family 5k

CHRISTMAS with my entire family plus some in the same house!

Watching Jake open his presents from me (Mwahaha! Not telling!)

New Years Eve

Packing in as much family/friend time before we leave

Supernatural provision as we gear up to move

Quality time with Jacob

Family Birthdays

That moment when we pass in to Colorado (safely) and see the mountains rise up like our faith and we’ll know, things are going to be okay.


Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Jobless and homeless

  1. I hope we get to make a quick cameo New Years Eve! We will be freshly wed and happy to see you all! I have to open the next day but I can’t miss a chance to see you two!

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