Six people, one bathroom


This Christmas was one to remember. We had all three sisters and their guys in one house with some great parents who graciously let us all do so!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas morning is waking up quietly and walking out of your room to just look at the tree, and its presents before any one else does. Not as a focus on what it is, but what it represents. Christmas isn’t about what we got each other, but why our hearts want to give.

Christmas music
Nyah born*
Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits
Venison sausage

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I got Jacob that axe, and my dad made him a homemade sheath to cover the blade.


He got me this cute hat that I kind of look like Maria Von Trapp/a chollo in (supposedly). I love it.


Best sisters eva!

Now, off to the in-laws! I’m so glad I love my in-laws, from what I hear, it’s kind of like a miracle. They are so loving and hilarious, and just what we need sometimes. I’m thankful that they see us as not only their kids, but friends, and treat us like both. It was nice to get out and ride bikes and talk about our future and nonsense with each other, thank you!

Shower. Eat stocking candy. Mimi and Papa’s house. So many people, but once again, I’m so glad we love each other; I know that’s a miracle. When you think of Christmas, what’s one thing you think of? Jesus? Presents? Family? Party? Food?

Me, I think of one thing: Papa’s shrimp.

Ok, its not the only thing I think of, but for real, these puppies are no joke. Limit is 1 per person, pshh.

And what’s a White Christmas without a little Chinese Christmas? Last year.

And what’s a White Christmas without remembering our loved ones? We love you and miss you Mary Alice and Edie, but God gives us supernatural peace and we are grateful for that.

The rest of our week was so much fun. We had a blast hanging out with Lauren & Faustin and Brittany & Matty, can’t wait for y’all to trek up to Denver to see us! It’s public, now you have to. Please, though.

One thing that I really wanted to write about was God’s goodness. There are so many things that happened this week that really showed me how good He is. I can’t even explain. Let me just tell you this one story.
Saturday night was our Christmas get together with friends from work. I can honestly say I’m going to miss them, they really are all great people. First of all we had an amazing meal: glazed ham, salad, potatoes, brussels sprouts, crackers and cheese, green beans and drinks! I’m so thankful that they wanted us to come even after I quit. The whole night was just pure fun, one of our pharmacists put it plainly: it was nice to sit down and have a meal together. There’s something about it that bonds people and lets us all relax and talk: community. But something so sweet happened.

“Okay, lets play a game and Jake and Rachel go first.”
“You’re going to read this poster board and memorize it as fast as you can”

He hands us the poster board and we open it and start to “memorize” it, although I immediately get it.


They had made a map for us going from Colorado back to Texas with everything we would need in gift cards! From restaurants to coffee to gas! I mean, thank you so much! Also included, were sweet/funny notes from everyone at work. Meanwhile, Jacob is still intensely memorizing the whole thing until we start to laugh, and he then realizes too.

Obviously, neither of us have a job, hence the no money thing, and for us to receive all of this was beyond amazing. I mean, thank you Lord!

UPDATE: Right before I finished typing that sentence, I get a call from my husband informing me that an insurance adjustor that was taking care of a wreck that we got into a couple months back, is going to take care of all of our chiropractic bills in full, and if we can’t get record of them, they will cut each of us a check. Hahahahahahaha! I can’t even right now. Thank you, Lord. You are good, and your mercy endures forever.

It’s a great reminder of my previous post, “The Power of the Tongue.” Your tongue has power, and if you are speaking out thanks to the Lord and blessing on your life, there is no option but blessing to follow you. I believe that God is constantly offering us gifts and favor in our life. Lift up His name, praise Him in the valleys, and always fill your voice with thanks to Him.

Prayer is power.


*Sweet baby Nyah was born on Christmas day, what a beautiful girl she is to behold. Although I have not met her yet, I love her. Her birth sweetly reminded me of when Jesus was born. I’m sure they we’re not expecting him right then, it was stressful getting to their location to have him, and yet they were so excited and happy to meet their baby. Nyah is in perfect timing with the Lord, and we respect her for coming when she did. Can’t wait to see you in person! Please pray for little girl, that she will gain supernatural strength to breath on her own and fight off infection!




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