Colorful Colorado


We’re here! It was a long 14 and 1/2 hour drive with our U-Haul towing the Escape, but we played lots of games and took lots of breaks and finally: Home! Shout out to my AMAZING husband; he drove the entire way, didn’t fall asleep at all, entertained me and drove safe! Love that man. It’s still weird for us to know that this is our home (for now). Even though we have everything we own here, it still slightly feels like vacation. I think it will feel more real once we get our own place and a job. For now, we are enjoying being a little lazy, working on running in the thin air, loving on the kiddos (and 3 other adults) that live with us, and organizing all of our stuff. Oddly, for myself, I felt the most at home once our TV was plugged in and we laid in bed to watched a movie. That’s just what we would do lots of nights, so it was familiar.

Thank you to everyone that prayed for us on the way, and while we are here, it shows in our day to day life! I still cannot believe that God brought us to Colorado and we didn’t lose any money, we actually gained money! That is a miracle! “More to come,” He says! We miss everyone! It’s hard, but “trust me,” God says, so that, we will do. We love all of you, but we’re excited to see our Colorado family, and make new friends. It’s like the first day of school! The children we are living with are so freaking cute! The other day one of them jumps out of the car to go to school, her younger brother shouts “Bye, Peyton, make new friends!” He’s four.

Here’s some extra mediocre pictures of us on our way here!

IMG_1213 Our amazing parents helping us pack up the U-Haul









IMG_1236 Photo bomb!

IMG_1237 This is everything we have!

IMG_1238 We’re home when we’re together


IMG_1242 5 a.m.

IMG_1244 It was so foggy leaving Texas, it was like she didn’t want us to leave 😦

IMG_1246 Making the most of our early morning

IMG_1247 Let’s take selfies!

IMG_1248 Jake’s Miley face.

IMG_1253 If you don’t stop at Walmart, it’s not a road trip.


IMG_1258 Cool trains that looked like a John Mayer album cover


IMG_1262 If Mimi were to name a restaurant

IMG_1269 This is what 10 hours looks like

IMG_1277 See ya Tejas!



IMG_1280 We will come back, promise!

IMG_1281 Only if some Texans come to us first!



IMG_1286 Look how Colorful Colorado is!



IMG_1290 Did you expect anything less?




IMG_1304 Snow, snow, snow, SNOW!

IMG_1309 Small towns


IMG_1313 Had to.


IMG_1323 First mountain!


And that was it!


3 thoughts on “Colorful Colorado

  1. jacob,
    Lily and I are so happy for you and Rachel. You are doing the right thing. Go make a new life for yourselves. Have fun, make new friends, enjoy life(and get a job-lol)

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