Well, I feel like a newb (that means newbie, mom).

Colorado has me breathing all funny and running all slow and having dry skin. But, we’re learning how to control our breathing, train in new conditions, and lather up! “If everything was all flat, the world would be boring,” Jake says. You know, its true. It sounds obvious, but if Colorado wasn’t “Colorado” then we wouldn’t love it, we just have to get used to it. Another thing that we’re getting used to, I will probably never, is the roads. I’m sure the moment my dad gets here, he’ll have the whole town down and be cruising all over the place. Unfortunately, I did not inherit that quality. So, when I see Himalaya, I assume it’s the street we live on (Himalaya Court), but no. There is Himalaya drive, himalaya court, South Himalaya court, and I’m sure somewhere there’s a North, I just haven’t found it yet. As I’ve been told, and I can attest it is true: If someone says they live on Himalaya, it’s probably not the one down the road, its probably the one 30 minutes away. In conclusion, I have successfully gone to Walmart and back without my smart phone! Baby steps.

Here is our room I fondly call the “Basement Shire,” that I didn’t get to show y’all last week:

IMG_1335 Every time he passes this, he has to do some pull ups. I’ve tried. And failed.

IMG_1334 The view once you get down the stairs.

IMG_1333 The white thing is Jake’s closet and I hang my clothes from some pipes, I like it.

IMG_1326 Can you tell what side Jacob sleeps on?

That’s it! It’s pretty homey, but a little chilly during the day. Sleeping in the cold is awesome though! Shout out to the Ramsey’s for being awesome and letting us live with them, making their home a Full House of 9. But for real, we’re better than Full House. I guess that makes me Rebecca, and Jacob, Uncle Jesse. I’m not having twins though.

One thing we do to help around the house is cook dinner for everyone every Monday, I kind of love that because I kind of love cooking. The first week we were here, I made one of my favorite meals lately: Brussels Sprouts and Italian Sausage that I’ve acquired from PaleOMG’s blog. Love that blog. Love this meal. You can find it here: It’s super easy to make, and fairly cheap. Well, all that to say, the adults loved it! The kids loved the bacon; the brussels, not so much. It was funny once they realized that it was actually good, they scarfed it down.

This week I made rosemary chicken wings, sweet potato fries and parmesan crusted zucchini. I didn’t take any pictures because I was ravenous today, as we forgot to eat lunch while we were out.

Want to know what we were doing?? We were out buying snowboarding gear! Ah, I cannot wait. Finally, we get to go up a mountain and shred the crap out of it! Hopefully we only shred the mountain and not our leg muscles. Who am I kidding, its going to be hard, but worth it! We got some great deals, and I will for sure post pictures of it all next week of us on top of the mountain looking all gnar (that means gnarly, mom). I know, Colorado has changed me.

In other news, Jacob and I are still fervently praying for jobs. We’ve got some leads, and are submitting some applications, but we are praying for the right thing. Please pray with us!

Got to see some family this past week and it was awesome, I love that! So happy that I am still driving distance from some family, what a sweet thing, God.

This next week, I am looking forward to:

More family time

Mountain time

Quality time with my husband and my Father

Exploring down town on the light rail

Keeping up my running schedule and

Actively waiting to see what God is going to do next!

Okay, I know I had seven days to prepare this post and I missed it by one day, but hey, I only missed by one day. Not too shabby.


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