I’ve been learning a lot since we’ve been here in Colorado, especially the last week: not to limit God, and when you seek Him, you are at peace, rather restless while not. I mean, they seem like simple things, and in their simplicity, depth is found. “You’re limiting me,” I’ve heard a lot this past week. How in the world am I, a mere human, supposed to not limit God, an everlasting being. I don’t know, but He is asking me not to. It’s an exciting and brutally hard journey. There are times in the day that I want to weep because I know, in that one moment, that I just limited Him, and it was my choice. I could have totally trusted Him, or looked to Him for counsel, but instead I would say to myself, “no, that’s not God,” in which most cases, it is. Now, I’m not saying to not test and try every word or thought that comes to you, because I think, within reason, we should. There is a war  going on inside of you. War to declare dominion, and God has already won, but He still gives you free will to decide what enters and leaves. I also think that if your mind is renewed; that you are a child of the Most High God, that you are a son or daughter, that He is your inheritance, that all things you do from then will flow from that truth. He’s given us promises, He’s shown us miracles, He’s been our provider, yet we still limit Him. That is my current struggle, but it is OK. Transparency brings out what wants to be hidden, it unveils it, breaks it down, then builds it back up mightier than ever. That is what I want. I know that life is hard, and seasons change and sometimes you go into unforeseen territory, but God is there, and I want to be made whole by Him. Which brings me to the other thing that we’ve been learning.

Today, we went to a coffee shop that has amazing lattes. We sat there, drinking our coffee, watching the snow fall, while I read, and Jacob listened to a podcast. Nothing super special, yet it was intentional. Earlier we had eaten lunch and were very close to just going home, but on the way home after we realized how good it was. I asked Jake what he noticed about today that was different than any other days, and he said something along the lines of: I felt at peace and not restless. It was the small thing we did to get closer to the heart of God. Quiet time is hard. Reading the bible is hard. But Godly discipline is good. Whether or not we know what we’re doing, we should always make time to just listen.


So, Friday we went snowboarding! We are currently still a little sore. It is ridiculous how sore we all were, I mean my forearms were sore… what was straining my forearms?! It was a lot of fun, I must say! Jake’s second time and he did amazing! I was pretty impressed with how well I did and how little I fell, but still not the half pipe beast I want to be.

IMG_0892 IMG_0893

IMG_0894 IMG_0895

IMG_0899 IMG_0900

That’s Ben in the lift behind us, just chillin’ on the way to the top above the tree line! So windy!


Excuse my weird mullet-looking hair, that’s embarrassing.

Here’s the snow from today I hope we still like it when it’s snowing all the way through March and maybe even into May. It could snow on my birthday! That’s never been an option before now.

IMG_0914 IMG_0918

If you would, continue to pray for us as we kinda wander throughout this town and season. Direction will come.


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