High of THREE

I don’t know if y’all have seen, but the high for Wednesday is 3. Three. It’s okay, it will warm up to 20 by friday.


Good news everyone, Jacob landed a job and started today at Guitar Center! It looks like its going to be a great job for him and he’s been feeling the need to play more, so this will be a great encouragement to do so! I also had an interview this morning for a compounding pharmacy. I will trust if I get the job it will be where I am supposed to be. It looks pretty cool in there, I actually spent most of the time being “interviewed” by the other employees there. I was on my own to walk around and ask questions and then the pharmacy manager will ask everyone how I did basically. I kind of liked that. There was many times where I wish I could have met the new hire so I could see for myself if they were cut out for the part. We shall see! Great pay, great benefits and they are actually moving closer in a couple of weeks.

Honestly, this week has been hard. We miss you guys. We miss everything that we had established: friends, community, habit and of course family. I have to remember that those things took time as well. But things are looking up!

This past week, Jake’s phone has been acting up so long story short, we took him to the Apple store where he was helped by this guy. Now, I have been wanting to visit this certain church since before we got here, and we’ve been talking about it, but hadn’t attended yet. Well Jacob saw this guys tattoo and felt like he went to that church, as it turns out, he does! It was so cool to witness a divine appointment (that was quite literally at an appointment in the Apple store) happen in front of me. Anyways, he invites us to church, we go and the whole time its like my spirit was saying “Ahhhhh, this is nice,” HA! Such a sweet thing God did to bring us there. More than that, it was the second time we had heard this subject being preached on that week, so obviously He wanted us there. It was one of those churches that treated new people the right way. Thus, our week has exponentially gotten better. Through all that, God has reminded us to put on our armor and get out there and war. Do not be tired, do not be discouraged, do not believe lies, put on our armor and press on! This week can be described with this scripture:

“I praise you because you are to be feared; all you do is strange and wonderful. I know it with all my heart.” Psalms 139

IMG_0121 IMG_0124

Now off to make some Paleo Pizza Casserole!


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