Many of you saw that Jacob and I came down to Texas this weekend! Well it was because I got that job! We needed both of our cars so we just came back to pick it up and drive on back. It was nice coming back, real nice. Missed our families a lot, and just being there. Although we missed it, we felt like it was somewhat of a refresher that boosted us a little. We got to hang out with family and a couple of friends (sorry we couldn’t see everyone!) grabbed some favorite coffee then went on our way! Back home now and back on the grind. For instance, this morning I went and tried on some scrubs to see which would fit, weird. So comfy though. I’m sure I’ll get tired of it, maybe? Anyways I start Wednesday, so I hope I like it!

For the last week I had been dealing with some stomach issue (no I’m not pregnant) that was causing me lots of uncomfortable pain and such. Welp, I’m pretty sure it’s gone! Worst feeling ever. I’m not sure what that was, probably some infection, but I’m A Okay now, praise The Lord. For real, thank you for praying for my healing.

This week we’re looking forward to:

Investing in community
New marriage devotional
New jobs
Quality time
Face timing friends and family
Planning future vacations
Finding the perfect home
Seeing parents on Spring Break
Sleep (duh)



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