Rachel is a working girl! It’s been a busy week. Friday, after my 9:30-6 shift, everyone stayed to move the company! We packed totes, and more totes, and sat, and walked, and talked, and sat, and packed more, then finally went home. It was super easy money, but man 10 hours was long. It’s okay though, because the next morning we were all at the new place by 8:30. We unpacked, and sat, and walked, and got lost, and walked more, and did less than Friday. Again, easy but long. So that pretty much confused the heck out of my body! Our new location is pretty sweet looking, but no where near civilization. A furniture store, and some other square buildings. Forgot my lunch today, drove to get a sandwich and it took me 40 minutes. So packed lunches it is.

Sunday! We love Sundays. Church is good. People are good. Coffee is good. Time off together is good. God is good. Worship is good. Lunch with friends is good. Sundays are good. We went to lunch after church with lots of new friends and it was really good! It was encouraging and fun to be with new people. It’s still been hard being here without family and friends and our own place, but after hearing some wisdom from various people, we just think we’re still ending our season. Like one of our friends said, it’s like you know the chapter is over, but you’re not done reading it. So, now we just need some grace to end it! And I know more than enough will be provided.

So right now, we are dog sitting for some people and staying in their home. It’s a nice getaway! Just us, but we are still searching and waiting for that perfect place to call ours. In the meantime, we’re working and saving up.

Also, it’s snowing and the hot tub is heating up.

Honestly, I’m super tired, and just want to sleep and have nothing to do! But, I do know what God is calling me to do right now, which is get in the Word and put on the armor of God, so hopefully all my fatigue will go away!

Big prayer request:
A place to live with preferably 2 bedrooms and in a great area for a great price, because I know God can make it happen!

Stay tuned!


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