I’m going to have to start blogging Sunday night. Until then, it has become an “I’ve done” list.

Moved out of the home we were dog sitting, back to Full House
Hot tub
Illegal Pete’s (burritos)
Tropical drinks in the snow
Mexican food still doesn’t compare to Texas (of course)

Recently, life has been a little weird. We’re trying to figure out what it looks like to have normal jobs, have a creative life, and pursue what God has for us here. Or really figure out what that is. Satan tries to strike us out everyday with distractions and discouragement, but how amazing is it when we come out on top? The choice is hard and you have to intentionally take it, and physically say no to the other, but it always makes you stronger. God won’t make you love Him or make you choose Him, but He is always there. He is a gentleman. He doesn’t force, but is available and is there to care of you and empower you.

Straight up, I’m ready for summer! Family coming to visit, hiking, climbing, running, white water rafting, live music, staying up late, and not freezing. Speaking of that, it’s snowing right now. At an angle. Straight into my ears.

Until then, it could snow on my birthday (March 29)! See you all in Colorado, cause you’re coming to is it for my birthday, right? Right.



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