Since last week I posted on a Wednesday, I don’t have a lot to share, but lets see!

I have come to realize that if I am going to be living in Colorado, I am going to need something to scrape/wipe the snow off of my car a little bit bigger than a nail file. Seriously, the scraper I have is smaller than my palm. On Friday when it snowed, I walked out of work to see my car covered in powdery snow. My first thought was, “oh its so pretty!” My second thought, “crap, how am I going to get this off my windshield?” As I grab my tiny little amateur scraper, my co-worker next to me goes hard in the paint with a scraper the size of her arm. It’s got a scraper on one end, a brush on the other, and a shield so that when you do brush all the snow off it doesn’t go all over your hands. What? I kind of wanted to just sit there and wait so she wouldn’t see my dinky little razor blade trying to uncover my car from a blanket of snow. So I kind of did just that. I got in my car, waited, and defrosted it. It was probably the smart thing to do anyways. Friday was so cold! What I’m about to say may offend some of you,  but I can say it because I’m from Texas: I think Colorado’s weather changing is comparable to that of Texas’. I know, blasphemy. But really, it snowed Friday all day, warmed up Saturday, made for a beautiful 65 and sunny Sunday, and it will be back to snowing by Tuesday. I guess I’m getting used to it.

Which brings us to Sunday! I loved everything about it. This last week was exceptionally hard on us, relationally. We have just been slacking on our relationship, like not planning quality time, and things like that, that you don’t want to do because you want it to be natural, but when you get busy, you just have to. So, Sunday, we woke up and decided to take a day for ourselves. I used to struggle with that idea: skipping church to spend time with yourself/spouse/family, but once I got married I realized that sometimes it’s a must. If we aren’t connected, then sometimes when we go to church all we want to do is turn to each other and talk about it. Honestly, after that happens, we push ourselves closer to God. All I know is that God is a God of relationship, and if we can’t take care of the ones in front of us, then how are we going to tend to our relationship with The Lord? He wants us to be right with each other, he wants us to be whole in every way possible. I know he takes us as we are, but if there is opportunity to get whole, I think He would want us to take it. Anyways, we had a lot of fun on Sunday, and God was in every part of it, as He always is. We went to brunch, our favorite thing ever, we dusted off the ole slack line, hammock, and frisbee; made our way to Whole Foods where I almost bought everything, went on a nice jog, made our favorite vegan sweet potato burgers that we like to eat wrapped in a spinach wrap and watched Walking Dead. It was refreshing and fun to hang out with my husband without any plans or regard for the rest of the day. Oh yea, we tried to do our taxes (I know) but I printed off the wrong papers. We’ll try tomorrow, maybe.

Also, great news: Jacob is going back to work at Apple! The whole thing has been an outpouring of His favor on us, which we are learning a lot about. I liked what our pastor said about favor, he was saying that favor is actually agreement with God, so when you are in agreement with Him, you walk in His favor. Totally makes sense, so that has been our prayer: that we would be in agreement with Him, and then the next week Jacob gets called in for an interview, skips the interview and gets asked what position he wants and how much he needs to get paid. Thank you, Lord. It really is the best living with You. He starts at the end of March! Thanks for everyone who loves us well in prayer.

IMG_1114 Look closely at the drink sizes 🙂IMG_1127 There will never be a picture to display how amazing these mountains are.





This week we’re looking forward to:

Meeting up with my pharmacist friend from Texas

Baking my favorite sweet potato muffins you can find here:

Jacob buying a long awaited guitar

Continuing our search for a home

Hopefully catching some people to Face Time with

Learning from this past week and making this week the best week ever!

Getting a Saturday off together soon to go here:




2 thoughts on “Relationship

  1. Sweet! Thanks for the shout-out. These muffins have really taken off! If you’re ever in DC, come swing by the bakery and I will whip you up some tasty treats 🙂

    Hope your weekend was a fabulous as it seems.

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