Don’t tell anyone, Jake likes Pho

Wow, this week has been kind of awesome. That kind of awesome where you know you had nothing to do with it!

Wednesday, we got to drive up to Breckenridge and meet up with my friend from the pharmacy and her family. They invited us on their vacation basically. They lent us some boards, took us up the lifts, let us indulge in the amenities of the Grand Lodge, cooked us Pho (!!!!!) and we had the most fun! I am so glad we got to see them! They brought a little bit of home here to Colorado and made us feel very loved and missed. Thank you so much! That blessed us so much! Now, I’m just waiting for the rest of the pharmacy to come up! You’ve been called out.

Proof we were there with them:




Friday night we got to see a little bit of how the Irish are in Denver ha! We went downtown with our roommate and some friends and walked in and out of places, people watched, and tried not to lose each other. It was interesting, I will say that. But we did pass Sugar Bakeshop, where PaleOMG goes to a lot, and we grabbed some amazing pop tarts and whiskey drenched cupcakes. Yes. If you don’t know who PaleOMG is, just go here and enjoy!

Sunday was probably my favorite day. Two Sunday’s ago we met an amazing family, the wife’s name is Rachel and she was born in Bedford, TX. It was meant to be. They have a running club every Tuesday where they run, and drink coffee after as their prize. So of course we love them. Let me back up and say that this past week or so we have been really tight on money. There were some bills that were late getting sent to us because of the move and we had to pay them immediately and other things, but we’ve been scraping by to say the least. We would often wonder what we’re going to have at lunch during work and how we’re going to get to work because we have no gas. I know that everyone has gone through this time and time again, and seen God provide, so I just want to add to that testimony. Sunday, we realized that we’d be doing the same scraping this week, and we wonder what we’ll have for lunch. Before that thought turns  around, our friends the Nagel’s come up to us and say “what are you doing for lunch?” We kind of stare blankly, and she says, “that’s what I thought, you’re coming over for Mexican.” First of all, thank you Lord for providing a meal, second of all, thank you Lord for letting us into someone’s house (this is the first time) and third of all, thank you Lord for Texans making Mexican food. It’s hard to come by around here. Last but not least, its the small things, but they didn’t serve any meat. I don’t know why, but we were ecstatic! Sometimes you just don’t want it, and today was that day.

Seriously though, the way that God has been working through people around us has been crazy. We met another super awesome family and we’ve already planned a game night, what more do we need?! It was so much fun. It was soothing to our hearts.

Being in Colorado, there is often this thing that kind of feels like a thin blanket wrapped over you. It’s like you are there, you are present, you can breathe and think and talk, but it constricts you to touch those around you, to breathe deeply, to see far, and to move. We feel like this a lot, and we’re being reminded that it is not us. It is not anyone, it is the enemy. We truly believe that because we made this faith step towards God in an unknown place, that the enemy wants us to fail. Isn’t that his whole deal? I mean, we know God has huge plans for us and Denver, but with the enemy doing all this crap, its just hard. So daily, we rip off that blanket and cover ourselves in the Holy Spirit. I know that God has us covered, literally, but sometimes it takes a physical and mental choice to be covered by Him. To let Him cover you, instead of being constricted by other things. Its a daily thing, so far, but we know that it will subside, and we will walk in the freedom here, tearing down not only our veils, but everyone around us. We will see victory.

Speaking of victory, our church, The Pearl Church, has a new home and we saw the building Sunday night! It is huge, and amazing, and ready to be filled up! I think the first service with it all remodeled will be this summer in June? I cannot wait to see it grow, and we are so happy and honored to be there to watch it.

Fun things: Being at dinner, watching your neighbors pray before your food, then they watch you pray before your food, and you both look at each other and know, God is taking over this city.

Things to look forward to:

Sunny weekends

Finding the perfect home


Pay day (just being real)

My birthday (29th) Jacob says he is planning something and it makes me happy! I’m celebrating with our new friends, her birthday is only a couple days after mine. I will miss my family parties, but excited to share it with others.

Game nights

Run Club

New attitudes and mindsets


Yes, this is a lot of pictures of me, but I don’t know what to tell you.

IMG_1176 IMG_1175 IMG_1174 IMG_1173 IMG_1172 IMG_1171 IMG_1166IMG_1164

IMG_1161 IMG_1154


2 thoughts on “Don’t tell anyone, Jake likes Pho

  1. We love you guys! I am so glad to see God working so wonderfully in your lives! It renews my faith to see you walk so steadily. Keep on running!

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