My friends be crazy

This past week was pretty uneventful. Work was work and we are still getting used to the building and learning new things.

Friday, we went to go see Captain America Winter Solider with Christine, one of Lauren’s friend that lives here, at this amazing theater that had recliners! It was super comfy, until random strangers have to sit in a love seat with you. Then you pretend they’re your boyfriend and when they leave, you eat the left over popcorn. I would never do that, but someone with us did. It was nice to get out a see a movie, the first one since being here!

Saturday, I did some apartment scouting and found one we like, but I’m still holding out a little to make sure it’s the right one. Exciting! Just not excited about moving all our stuff. That night we had a Pho/dessert/wine/beer/game night with some friends from church. It was seriously a lot of fun. It was just plain easy to be there. You know how you meet some people and it’s awkward to be around them at first or it just doesn’t click? Well that didn’t happen. Love those crazy people. Probably the highlight of our week! Thank you.

Sunday, we went to church and then found a really cool coffee shop. It’s the small things.

Please pray that we would fall right upon the perfect apartment in the perfect area for the perfect price. God knows our needs, and loves to give us our desires. I know He will!

Next up on the calendar:
Surprise birthday events with some couple friends on Easter
Jake’s golden birthday (5/25) turning 25!
Tax return coming in
The weekend baby!
Quality time with Jacob Neumann
More praise reports from Nyah



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