This week in a nutshell!


Started a new shift at work. We rotate every month, and this month I am at troches. I was separated from my friends and put with some new people, who are great people, but I miss working with the people who I’ve grown to know and like everyday. Anyways, its a hard station, because it kind of has its own finesse, and I don’t have it yet. So I’m constantly wondering if I did a good job or not, but it will get better. 


We got our tax return back and paid off some moving debt, and it felt great! I don’t ever want to have debt, but we did and now its gone. Hooray! 


Church was great! We got to be a part of their “frontline” team, which is basically helping with parking (Jacob) and welcoming people at the front door (me). I got to meet a lot of new people and feel apart of the church, it was really nice. We had lunch with some friends and talked about our birthday parties for three of us coming up this next Sunday. Really, I think we’re just all going to hang out and do something fun that I won’t divulge!


We got to talk to some amazing friends and family this past week and it was really nice to get to connect. It’s so important to keep up with family and friends. It’s hard, because I am not that great at it, but I’m working at it!


Tuesday, we finally got to go to #NagleRunClub which was so much fun. For real. I apparently had a hard day for no reason, and running with 8 other people did the trick. I was super nervous that I wasn’t going to finish the 5k, but I did and had fun and talked (kind of) the whole time. We sat around afterwards and the guys took pictures of their too short shorts. Had some dinner together and enjoyed great conversation. It’s feeling more like “home.” Thank goodness. We we’re talking over dinner and realized, no matter where you are, as long as you have friends/community, that is what makes it feel like home. Our hearts need others, and really badly sometimes. 


Today is Wednesday, and it feels like Friday, ugh. I’m going to go work out and wait for Jacob to come home.


Happy Spring, for some of you! Spr-inter for us in Colorado 🙂



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