It has been a fun 2 weeks. Here we go!


Last Sunday was Easter and I didn’t think about it until the night before, that it was going to be the first Holiday not celebrated with my family, other than my birthday. I didn’t even think about making plans or making food or buying an Easter dress! All of which my sisters or my mom would remind me of. So I didn’t buy a new dress, I didn’t make plans, I didn’t make food. But God led us to some great people who invited us over, made us food, and dressed well for us. Ironically enough, the family that had us over is the same lady that looks exactly like my mom! As she sat down to talk to me, I almost couldn’t respond because it was so crazy! We ate yummy Easter brunch in their backyard while hanging out with our favorite people. It was truly food for our soul. It’s beautiful to see how the Lord has family everywhere for you, He doesn’t forget about you and what you need. There is no lack in Him. None.

But that weekend was extra special for us, because we finally got an apartment! We spent forever on a Saturday going through tons of places, and nothing felt right. The only one that did was out of our price range. Finally, we talked it over, went to our favorite place and signed a lease for a 1 bedroom. Don’t worry, we have plans to get a pull-out couch for all you visitors, and we might even let you sleep in our bed and us on the couch if it means we’ll get some friends up here… might! Either way, it is awesome! We are ecstatic to be in our own space, decorate it, and finally have a “home” here. I am just super excited about the fact that the kitchen has an island with the oven on it! It’s walking distance to the light rail, which Jacob can take to work and on into downtown. He can even bike to work! It is southwest of Denver, closer to the mountains, running/biking/hiking trails nearby, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s are all close. So, we move in this Friday! Hooray!

Tuesdays: #nagelrunclub is becoming my favorite day in the week. I’m getting better at my 5k’s and made it to 4 miles this week at a trail close to our apartment! It was nice to run through some trees, see some bluebonnets and not concrete and construction. It’s only up from here. It’s starting to feel more doable than it did when we first got here. Eventually I will be running half marathons!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset / / Driving to the trail / /

This past Sunday I was told in passing that Jacob is up on the schedule to play guitar next Sunday. Ha! He has no idea. It’s been really fun meeting all the leaders in our church and them genuinely wanting to know what we think about certain ministry, where our heart is, and what we like to do. It’s cool to see how things are just happening and we haven’t tried, asked, or even said anything to anyone. I think our eyes are opening up, I feel the veil being torn, as if I’m waking up. There are just things happening or thoughts expressed or conversations sparking up and we’re just like — DUH! I don’t know how to explain it, but if you’ve been here, you know.

There’s something about the simplicity of God. It’s not “Sunday God” and “Monday through Saturday God.” God is God, and he is God all the time. We were kind of talking about this with some friends last night. Some righteous anger built up. I mean, how long will it take us, christians, to realize that we are always with God. We always have his presence at our disposal, we should not take it for granted. His blood does not run dry. His spirit does not grow tired. His grace is enough! There is always enough of God to flow past our Sundays. I mean, how many times have you gotten into a conversation with someone and they are having a rough time and you just say something like, “Ah, man that sucks!” But if you were in church, you would be uplifting that person, prophesying over them, praying over them. What. Is. The Difference.

For Jacob and I, it has been our initiative of getting into the Word. We find ourselves sorry or convicted on Sundays about it and then it gets forgotten through the week and starts over on Sundays. I’m not talking about some kind of works like we have to read the bible. It’s like, I want to know Jesus more, well how do I do that? I see who He is. Where do I find that? In His Word! I want to know God, that’s why we read the bible. I want to feel how he felt, I want to be more like Him. I want to know my Father! Anyways, we we’re just saying, how many Sundays will it take for us to realize? So we drew a line. We made a decision. We stood up and declared who we are, and who we want to be.

I want to encourage any of you who have been getting nudged to do something, a conviction, a passion, a want, anything! How long is it going to take before you decide? Why not just start? This isn’t some grand revelation, but it’s something that at least one of you needs to hear, even if that one is me.



So this week we will be:

Reading through the gospels

Getting ready to move Friday

Taking things out of storage

Saying good-bye to the basement and our house of 9

Then it’s go time Friday!

Moving, unpacking, organizing, decorating


Also, if anyone needs a Washer/Dryer set in the DFW area, let me know! I will be soon listing it on Craigslist, but would love to get rid of it asap. It’s in my parents garage.

Next week, I will hopefully be posting pictures of our new place! Looking forward to that.




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