Spark Notes

Hello everyone! It has been quite a while since I have updated the blog, and I apologize! It has been a crazy couple of months, and blogging is just plain hard sometimes. I would like to take this post to simply update y’all on what has happened in our life since the last post. I’ll try to make this short and sweet!


We moved into our apartment and its awesome!

Jacob turned 25 and we took him to a brewery, surprised him with friends and he got a tattoo!


The month of visitors

Family Reunion 2014!

Heidi and Stevo had the first week and we chilled with them and ate really good home made tacos

My parents were the second week and we showed them Denver, taking them out to the best dinner and on a super fun and beautiful hike

Rob was the last 2 weeks and basically he just lived with us! He went to work with Jake, took him church, met our friends, and had a great time annoying Jake 😉


Brought it back to Oklahoma to celebrate the 4th and the amazing wedding of David and Jill. Seriously had too much fun at their wedding!

Discovered the best Pho in town and dreamt about eating there every night.

Had downtime to relax, go to run club, run the bluffs multiple times, and help with our church’s youth camp!

Got a flat tire last day of youth camp and our amazing superhero of the day is…… JON NAGEL. Thank you again for just sitting with me so that none of the creepers near by could come close.


Worked about 3 days.

Interviewed for another job

Flew down to Texas for TWO weddings, where Jacob was the best man in both. Spent a total of 10 days there.

Saw two amazing couples get married and had a blast at both! Thank you for letting us be apart of that.

Put in my 2 weeks while on vacation (WHA?!)

Started my new job at Apple on Friday!



All in all, this summer has been busy, without lacking any fun. Denver has served us well on our first summer! Thank you to everyone who has come to visit and made us feel loved. Thank you, also to our Denver family who constantly encourage us in where we are. Its never hard to move away, do something new, or even change a routine. But, you will in the aftermath, find that you have become a better you. There is so much cheese in that sentence, but I don’t care. One thing that I have definitely been learning these last couple of months is to be me. Be yourself, because along with knowing who you are, comes knowing your strengths and your weaknesses. If you don’t know those things, then its hard to be thankful for the ones that come to lift you up in a weakness. If you didn’t know, you would most likely react with a spirit of comparison or bitterness. God has made us so intentionally, so that we need the ones around us. That is why he describes his church as the body, literally. I know I need my friends here, even though sometimes its hard and I don’t want to listen, Jesus humbles me, and says, “wait, don’t be so quick to ignore.” It’s hard to grow, if you don’t prune. I say that because, that is what I feel is happening with us. It feels like we don’t have anything left on our limbs, just nubs, just the basics. I know it is a positive thing, though, because this is the conversation we had with our friends Rachel and Jon the day we were picked up from the airport coming back from Texas. She was talking about pruning and why it is imperative that you prune. The reason for doing so, is because a gardener knows that if he/she prunes the limb, that better fruit will grow from that, rather than letting it grow on its own. An un-pruned limb  may grow to be weak or bitter. I know that I have better, sweeter fruit coming because I can feel the pruning process, and I am glad.  Here’s to the rest of the year! Don’t worry, I will pick up my blogging pace again!

Here’s some photos of the last couple months!

Jake’s Birthday

IMG_0009_2 IMG_1632 IMG_1644 IMG_1656 IMG_1658 IMG_1664


IMG_1710Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



IMG_0016IMG_0019 IMG_0125IMG_0136IMG_0182

IMG_0034IMG_0032    IMG_1737 IMG_1738   IMG_1475 IMG_1511 IMG_1519

Oklahoma Wedding

IMG_0059 IMG_0063 IMG_0074


Back to Colorado

IMG_0089IMG_0105 IMG_0136

Texas Weddings and fun



AND back to good ole Colorado again





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